Project Experience


Jul 2019 - Present

Senior Project Manager

As part of a rolling engagement with Relevant Bits, Nic is responsible for the management of all of Relevant Bits' design and development projects. 

She is responsible for the introduction of resource management systems, project profitability tracking, and Agile Project Management processes.  

Through the engagement, Nic works directly with the founders encouraging hard decisions to be made, ensuring that the projects are on track, profitable, and remain within scope. Relevant Bits uses a value-based approach to all of their estimates.

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Apr - Dec 2021

Agile Delivery Manager

Engaged to support in the delivery of Research and User Experience projects, as well as to implement process to enable the business to grow. Processes to track project spend, estimate projects accurately, keep track of business tasks, etc. were put in place to support the business.


Sep 2020 - Apr 2021

Agile Delivery Manager

Following the continued delay of the launch of the new company brand and website, Garfield Consultancy was brought on to get things in order and launched. 

Working directly with the CEO, Nic was able to get the new website & rebrand launched within a few weeks. ​

Following the successful launch, Nic was then engaged to help out with the development and launches of their new product store, Source-Live Pro Low Latency and their new online community platform. 

Throughout the engagement, Nic helped Source Elements to streamline their delivery processes and make sure that everyone is accountable for the work that they do, all the while helping to shift development responsibilities from the CEO to the development team. 

Source Elements provides Remote Audio and Video Solutions to companies including Warner Brothers, Sony and Disney. 

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December 2020

Project Manager & Business Analysis

Garfield Consultancy was engaged with MiYuMi to manage and document the discovery process for a pilates and yoga specialist company in London. 

The team were responsible for running discovery sessions with the client to document the 'As Is' and 'To Be' for their business processes. 

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Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

Project Management Consultant

As part of a beta program being run by a global remote company that connects freelancers with businesses, Nic was engaged to coach the business stakeholders to improve the processes on their projects. This included coaching the managers on Agile Project Management methodologies, providing guidance on how to get the best out of their teams, etc.

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July 2020

Senior Project Manager

With the in house project manager being at capacity, Garfield Consultancy was brought on to manage the delivery of two 3-week UX & UI projects for an International Bank.

Nic was responsible for managing a discovery project for a marketing dashboard, working directly with the stakeholders from the bank based in Paris. She also managed the design of a mobile game that was built into WeChat, coordinating with stakeholders in Asia and the third party development team.

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July 2019 - June 2020

Agile Delivery Manager

Garfield Consultancy was engaged to manage the launch of Chelsea Football Club's Perfect Play mobile app. ​

As part of the engagement, Nic was responsible for owning the product backlog and product roadmap, coordinating the delivery of work from the mobile app, game and marketing agencies with the internal design team. 

Nic was also responsible for managing the internal design and video production team. 

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Feb 2019 - Jul 2019

Agile Delivery Manager

We were engaged to manage the delivery of their iOS and Android Apps for Spring Break Cabo 2019, as well as to support the Product Owner in the build and management of their internal back-end product that supports all of their initiatives. 

Nic was responsible for running all scrum ceremonies, reporting on the progress of all projects to senior management and acting as the Product Owner on the products where one wasn't available. 

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Nov 2018 - May 2019

Agile Delivery Manager

Garfield Consultancy was engaged to improve the process of the development team responsible for various online magazines, as well as the development for the Buy-a-Car website. 

Nic worked with the teams to develop a process that works for both the team and the business. 

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Aug 18 - Nov 18

Agile Project Manager

We were engaged to rescue the delivery of the redesign of the website. Nic jumped into the project three months after the project was meant to be delivered, to find that there was no agreed scope for the project and the client had escalated the issue to the CEO. 

Within four days, we were able to diffuse the situation with the clients and gain their trust, establish a transparent process to agree on scope, and put together a delivery timeline for the project (that we met). 

Throughout the engagement, we ensured that the project was properly documented, managed requirements with the clients and ensured that all the development product met the needs of the client. 

As part of this engagement, we also assisted in the delivery of various design discovery projects for clients like Endsleigh insurance.